Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The 2003 coup of California

9/29/03 Comments about the recall election of Gray Davis in California

There is no conjecture in the fact that the Republicans, in cahoots with Enron, set up the bankruptcy of CA to take it over in a similar bloodless coup like it took over the White House. This plan has been unfolding since they began stacking the courts with right-wing judges since the Reagan era. You don't have to be psychic to understand that the Republicans, backed by the New American Century Project <>, has a plan all laid out as to how they are going to rape the planet to myopically enrich themselves and their handful of corporate cronies. They don't even think about what they are doing to their own grandchildren! And the ironic thing is that when the Earth becomes unlivable, it will be their great-grandchildren that be able afford passage on the rocket ship that colonizes the new virgin planet.
The thing that bothers me is how the American public and the Congress got mesmerized into letting it happen. Even now that Bush and his administration has been exposed as unethical liars and abusers, no one is moving to impeach him. It was OK to try to impeach a president for having adult consensual sex in a closet but it isn't OK to impeach a president that has transformed a national surplus into a $450 Billion debt, waged two wars against regimes originally fostered by the US but now vilified, sacrificed over 300 American lives while Bush himself was AWOL during his own military service, and has turned every regulatory agency into an agency of rape and destruction. Which is worth impeachment, consensual sex in a closet and a budget surplus or raping the planet and bankrupting the nation?
I've been giving money to an internet impeachment process but they don't seem to be able to make any progress. Why, when it is obvious that Bush and his administration are criminals, are we all so powerless to stop them? I have been more active than any other time in my life writing letters, signing petitions, donationg money, going to meetings, and praying, yet the fascist coup continues to expand unscathed. What happened to the "checks and balances" in the government?
Sometimes I think it is all in G-d's plan. But what's the point? Many Christians believe it is the time of the apocalypse. Maybe it is. Maybe that's why we are all powerless to stop the impending disaster. G-d's plan/apocalypse or not, I am driven to right the wrong. I'm not going to sit by idly letting it happen. As far as peaceful means, if Bush is re-elected in 2004, I expect to see an armed revolution. Unfortunately, I will probably be one of the first to die. I have small children, which will leave them motherless. I'm not sure my death in an armed insurrection will help anything at all, and certainly it won't help my children. But what can one do when the Congress is mesmerized, the Supreme Court is sympathetic to the fascists and the American public is opiated by TV drivel?

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