Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fascist coup d’etat


The confirmation of John Roberts and another neoconservative on the Supreme Court will be the crown jewel in the plan of the neo-cons to fully seize control of America in a bloodless coup d’etat. At that time, all three houses of the US Government will be lock, stock, and barrel in the hands of the corporate fascists. We are already slave to their petrochemical industry, which is polluting our soil, air and water, making the Earth uninhabitable. And now that the latest energy bill opened the door to privatization of public utilities, our municipal water-works will soon be in the hands of a greedy, multinational profiteering corporation financed by Paul Wolfawitz and the World Bank. Once the fascists have control of all clean water in the world, we will see price gouging and ever increasing pollution. The logical end of this excessive exploitation for profit of the requisites of life while remorselessly polluting the only planet we have, will be that the great-grandchildren of the obscenely rich will buy passage upon a flotilla of rockets ships to colonize new planets while the rest of us perish in the toxic wastes. Some people say that the opposition party will retake a majority in the 2006 election; not if the voting machines are produced and controlled by biased partisans, again.

Are we powerless to do anything to stop the neo-con scourge? We need to reach out to our allies abroad for help. There are still those among them who see clearly and recognize that if the neo-cons aren’t stopped, that their country could be next….

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