Monday, January 12, 2009

Bush & Cheney don't mind leaving office

Bush and Cheney don’t mind leaving office at this time because they will continue to be in command of Blackwater and other mercenary contractors. They have bilked the U.S. Treasury for all they could get, and built themselves a well armed and trained private militia. They threw the spoils to their war-profiteering cronies who sucked the nation dry with their war games. They destabilized the Middle East so there will be lots more lucrative fun for them as they stuff their pockets with cash gained on the lives of the innocent. They foment war and then profit from it.

Don’t be surprised under Obama, if the American military finds themselves engaging against mercenary troops in battle. It could very well be the war profiteers who will attack the USA. Who knows; in retrospect, 9/11 could have been arranged by the war profiteers also? For eight years they sucked us dry from within, and will do whatever they can to force Obama to war in order to continue to suck us dry from abroad. It is all for profit.

We need to re-align our sights and realize that the war profiteers are the real enemy. And next to them are the corporations that profit from polluting the Earth, like petroleum and coal dealers. The pollution driving Global Climate Change is causing formerly productive land to go barren resulting in the bloodbath of Darfur. Whole island cultures need to be relocated due to rising seas. That's one way to end the 50 year socialist experiment in Cuba; drown them!

We had a war on the Indians. Then we had 2 wars against fascism. Then a war on poverty. Then a war on drugs. Then a war on terrorists. Now we can have a war on war profiteers! The war to end all wars!! Who should Obama assign to lead that war?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Obama for Change

Yesterday, I heard an extraordinarily creative musical rendition on the radio of many of Obama's most inspiring speeches. The music really inspired hope for positive change. But a platform of unspecified change scares me silly. I become petrified every time I hear Obama talking about change.

I guess no one remembers that George W. Bush ran on a platform of unspecified change, also. It was originally going to be change from executive sexual promiscuity. And change is what we saw plenty of. Change from economic strength to the death of the US economy. Change from brief wars in Bosnia to prolonged wars in the Middle East. Change from progress for a peaceful settlement between Israel and the Palestinians to the declaration that the legitimately elected leaders of the Palestinian people are terrorists, and piles of dead bodies in Gaza. We also saw the change from knowledgeable experts leading our government agencies to leadership by crony insiders who sabotaged their own agencies rendering them impotent and useless. Another change was the transformation of the USA as the strongest military power on Earth to Blackwater holding that current position. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

In one speech, Obama said there is nothing wrong with hope. I tend to disagree. Hope feels good but in Buddhist philosophy, hope is categorized as delusion. Hope is nothing more than a feeling of optimism, not necessarily based on the facts. At this point in history, no one can achieve public office without assistance from the mainstream media which is owned by big war-profiteering corporations. Therefore, you can't get to be President without selling out to the big corporations that control the public airwaves. Considering that Obama has to be a corporate sellout by definition, and promoted himself on the same platform of hope for change as George W. Bush, I am very apprehensive as to what changes will befall our already battered nation.