Thursday, August 09, 2007

Another big step toward fascism

Why all the data mining? The NSA wiretapping, expansion of FISA, etc.

Wasn’t it through data mining that Hitler efficiently located Jews and exterminated them?
IBM provided census machines to the Third Reich, which they used to mine census data for Jewish heritage. It was the financial boon to young data processing company IBM that initiated the age of data processing and made IBM one of the largest companies on Earth.

Now the Democratically controlled Congress has expanded the FISA Laws to enable the government to collect data on anyone! All they need to do is say that a person is obstructing the policy in Iraq or Afghanistan and that gives them license to not only invade all our private communications but also freeze our assets. That includes Congressman John Conyers, the Quakers, Robert Kennedy Jr., Randi Rhodes, you and me. I also hear that they can track your individual location through your cell phone or GPS device. How dare the phone company cooperate with the spying agencies by freely giving them our location! But now all the illegal invasion of our privacy is sanctioned by law thanks to our spineless members of Congress.

When Congressional investigations push the Executive Branch into a corner and the Blackwater troops are let loose, will they march into your town?