Friday, October 18, 2013

What to do when you feel like giving up

A friend asked: "When humans keep proving themselves stupid and greedy and justice is nostalgia what do you do? Seriously, don't you ever feel like giving up? And if so, what do you do?"

The corporate interests are happy to exhaust you.  You are looking at the half empty cup with a hole in the middle that can never seem to fill up.  That's why you are exhausted.  Please, sister M, look at the cup half full.  We will fix the hole in the middle if we all work together. 

The public is generally disgusted with the Republican extremists, but they are likely to forget very soon, likely before the next congressional election.  One of our jobs is to keep the public apprised of the extremist BS so they don't forget.  I'm reading “Brave New World” right now.  The public can all just take some Soma and sleep with propaganda quietly playing in their dreams. 

What keeps me energized is my love for humanity and my strong sense of justice.  I assume it is the same for you.  I am repeatedly shocked at how corporations and governments can wantonly and brazenly break all the laws, and no one takes them to task for it.  For example, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act is still a law on the books, but no one enforces it anymore, and so we have "too big to fail."  Another example, the MERS database records real estate transactions electronically, but the County Recorders never receive the recording fees.  Yet, I can't find a single law that legally shifts the mandate to record RE transactions away from the County Recorder.  MERS just took the liberty, and county recorders just let it happen.  I guess they were just complying with an order from above. 

The Constitution talks about several different types of persons.  It talks about We the People, citizens, people, and persons.  The Court has clarified that of these 4, corporations are legal persons but not included in We the People, citizens or people. 

To me, one way to fix the hole in the middle of the cup is to take constitutional rights away from corporations.  In addition, all elections should be publicly funded and limited time, i.e. 6 weeks of campaigning, and corporations should be barred from campaign donations the way it used to be.  What changed is that corporations have patiently spent a century eking out human rights under the Constitution, every one granted by the Supreme Court.  The first human right they won was Due Process of Law in 1886.  The corporate lawyers argued that since everyone knows that corporations are “fictional persons” under the law, then the Constitution says in both the 5th and the 14th Amendments that every person has the right to due process of law.  So aren’t fictional persons also persons? the corporate lawyers argued.  And so a non-living aggregate of capital designed to maximize profits achieved their first human right. 

Over the years, corporations have been granted more and more human rights.  You can get a PDF timeline corporate rights here:  Interestingly, the corporate Right to Privacy was struck down by the Supreme Court because they distinguished between “person” and “personal.”  The Court reasoned that personal privacy was something only a human could have, but fictional persons were undoubtedly “persons.”  So now, although corporations have the Rights to Free Speech, to Right to be Indicted by a Grand Jury for crimes, not twice in jeopardy for the same crime, nor witness against itself, the Right to Speedy trials, Jury Trials, nor be deprived of Life, Liberty or Property, Equal Protection of the Laws, but NOT the Right to Privacy.  Pretty soon a corporate person is going to run for office! 

What we need to do is create a groundswell of public sentiment in favor of a constitutional amendment that makes it clear that only NATURAL PERSONS have Rights under the Constitution, and that money is NOT Free Speech.  Such an amendment will cut the root of corporate abuse.  Next (or simultaneously) we need another amendment that makes all elections to public office be publicly funded and limited to 6 weeks; and bar outside funding and partisan election commissions or partisan electronic voting machines. 

Right now, Move to Amend is doing a canvassing campaign called We the People Listen, in which we are going door to door in our neighborhoods and asking people what their biggest issues are and if they have noticed corporations impacting their lives?  We are asking rather than telling.  I’m excited to do this.  This is how we create coalitions in our neighborhoods.  This is how we create the groundswell of sentiment and keep people awake.  Http://

Cutting Government Spending

Some people say they want to cut government spending to solve the debt crisis?  So I ask them, what would you cut?  Road repair?  Government pensions?  Public health?  Meat inspection?  School nurses?  The salaries of our elected representatives?  The NSA?  The military bases all over the world?  The Pacific Fleet?

Normally, balancing a budget and paying down debt involves both cutting spending, AND increasing revenues.  The government is supported by import tariffs, fees, and taxes.  We have a system of taxes in which giant profitable corporations not only don't pay their taxes, but use tax loopholes to get $Billions back in rebates.  They put their former executives upon the government corporate regulatory boards, and change the laws to favor corporations over People.  They avoid paying taxes on their ample income by hiding it in offshore tax havens, like Penny Pritzker, our President's Secretary of Commerce.  Unfortunately, we cut the budget for the regulatory boards in order to cut spending, so that now there aren't enough investigators to indict these treasonous tax evaders.  Instead, they are elevated to positions of power in our government. 

My stockbroker gives frequent seminars on how to avoid paying taxes.  To me, if I love America, then it is patriotic to love paying my taxes, because that is what will provide me with paved roads, safe meat, clean drinking water, an educated electorate, and elected representatives competent to administer these public services for me. 

Yet these unpatriotic tax evaders want to convince the public that our national debt is caused by too much spending!  Yeah!  Too much military and NSA spending!  Our military is destabilizing the world.  It is all about trashing The United States Constitution and relegating it to memorabilia for the bread & circuses while they create the Corporate States of America and exploit all the natural and human resources to depletion for private profit.  To pass time until they find another habitable planet to colonize, they will profiteer on cleaning up the mess left behind from their original exploitations.  Like Halliburton: one division tears down the infrastructure, and another division is hired to build it all back up again.  Like betting on both puts and calls.  You can't lose!