Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama is Not the Anti-War Candidate

Obama cautiously speaks of withdrawing our combat troops from Iraq, but don't expect our troops to come home anytime soon. The next corporate profiteering war on the American Agenda will be in Afghanistan. Barak Obama welcomes corporate war profiteers to Afghanistan. There will be no end to war profiteering as long as the big corporations own our politicians. Barak Obama is already bought and paid for by the big corporations. American Democracy is no more than a veil of myth to disguise the corporate fascism.

Response to question: Why Isn't Kucinich President?

You ask why we aren't making Dennis Kucinich president?

It is because the corporate owned media prohibited him from participating in the debates. The corporate owned media pre-selected our candidates for us. He would not collaborate with the big corporations. That is why we are not making Dennis Kucinich president.

When the corporate media prohibited Kucinich from the debates, all the other candidates should have refused to get up on to the stage for the debate. If they had any courage, they would have boycotted the debates. Since the remaining candidates didn't boycott the debates, it became obvious that only the corporate collaborators would be allowed to speak on our public airwaves.

Kucinich took it to court saying that the airwaves belong to the public and therefore the corporations that control the media don't have the legal right to exclude him. The neocon judge ruled against him.

Debate is a misnomer because debate implies that there is an opposition with which to debate. Since the corporate media excluded the opposition voices like Kucinich, it was a forum and not a debate.

Kucinich is not president because the neocon propaganda convinces people to vote against their own best interests.

Kucinich is not president because he is not a charismatic leader but a funny looking vegan.

Kucinich is not president because he has a populist platform instead of a vague promise of "change."
I ask, change from what to what?

We just had 7 years of a president that lied every step of the way. Kucinich is not president because the American public prefers liars.

Kucinich is not president because he refuses to play the pretend game that the majority of members of Congress like to play.

Kucinich is not president because the fascists already rule the USA and make billion dollar election campaigns and conventions as a veil of myth to keep the American public drowning in lies. Only liars and neocon collaborators can be president at this stage of American history. Democracy is dead.

Bitter and discouraged but always in Peace