Thursday, June 17, 2010

The NAACP asked me about civil rights

Here is my response:

Hate is clearly on the rise worldwide.  As has been the practice over the centuries, hate is a tool of those in power to unjustly acquire cheap labor and natural resources while fomenting the general public to carry out the injustices based on the derogatory status of the hated population.  Whether the object of hate is blacks, browns, asians, Germans, Russians, Iranians, women, jews, muslims, commies, hippies, pagans, witches, etc., it is all a device to control the masses by those in power. 

As long as our government spends more money on perpetual wars than on the health, welfare, and education of our citizens, generations of youths will be raised in an environment of hate.  It will be all they'll know. 

Legislation is no longer a viable solution.  Legislation and regulation validate the unjust conditions by definition.  The legislators and regulators are more beholding to the war-profiteering corporations than they are to the electorate.  The Constitution has become irrelevant. 

We need a NON-VIOLENT revolution to replace our government with folks who will represent the People instead of the war-profiteers.  The cause of the NAACP is legitimate, as is NOW, NARAL, Greenpeace, NRDC, SPLC, ACLU, Amnesity International, etc., etc.  But I need to focus all my energy on the fundamental ROOT CAUSE of the injustices that are giving rise to hate and racism: corporate power controlling the government.