Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A 2005 letter to Louise Slaughter

Representative Louise Slaughter asked my opinion.  9/16/05
Here is my reply:

Ever since the Supreme Court overruled the Florida Supreme
Court in a "State's Rights" issue by deciding NOT to count
all the votes, it has been apparent to me that the Project
for a New American Century was using George W. Bush to follow
the model of Adolph Hitler's rise to power.

Being a highly ethical person, and fiercly proud of the
American experiment in Democracy, I was plunged into despair
at the unconstitutional actions of the Supreme Court and the
lack of response from the opposition parties. I began a
vigorous letter-writing campaign at that time to try to wake
up our members of Congress who seemed either intimidated by
the neocon power, bought off, or otherwise asleep behind the

By the 2002 elections, dirty politics became filthy. The
widespread use of electronic voting machines manufactured by
Republican partisans guaranteed Republican victories no
matter how anyone voted. Hope arose in the 2004 elections,
but rather than choosing a candidate for peace and social
justice, the Democrats decided to run John Kerry, a
candidate who was trying beat Bush using a right-wing
war-oriented platform.

When Kerry was defeated in 2004, once again, the party
providing the only hope of overturning the right-wing agenda,
silently walked away from the most corrupt election in
American history. Only the Green Party and the Congressional
Black Caucus
had the courage to contest the corruption. Even
after the corruption was proven, states still plan to use
electronic voting machines manufactured by Republican
partisans. Something is VERY WRONG here!

Once Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf coast, I have been
writing letters like mad. I write to my elected
representatives in Congress, politically oriented people I
know, and Letters to the Editor. During the week after
Hurricane Katrina, I experienced so much anguish that I was
unable to sleep. When I did catch a nap, I dreamed of piles
of dead bodies in the street of my friends and neighbors.
Meanwhile, I saw my President leisurely playing golf and
playing guitar.

The amount of space in this text box is not ample enough to
describe what I see coming. Once John Roberts is confirmed
to the Supreme Court, I see a fascist takeover of our
government in a bloodless coup d'etat. I see fascists taking
over of our public utilities including drinking water, gas
and electricity. I see shanty towns of underpaid laborers
creating a new population in poverty as Halliburton reaps the
benefits of the $60 billion relief package and Blackwater
mercenaries shoot people without recourse to law. I see the
remuddleing of the Constitution and an end to the Bill of
Rights. We are already there in practice, but John Roberts
will assure that it becomes a reality in law.

Being known as a compassionate liberal, I was fired from my
job over a year ago on the grounds that I was dangerous.
They fired me in a moment's notice although they had it
planned out for many weeks. They prepared a dossier of every
minor incident that had ever occurred in my entire career
with the company and invented a few more. They refused to
allow me to rebut the charges, and gave me no other choice
than being fired. Having been fired, it is very difficult to
find another job. Since my unemployment insurance expired, I
have been living solely on my savings. Jobs are few and far
between, and I am not willing to risk the rest of my savings
on opening a small business in a declining economy.

As the toxic wastes from the neglected Superfund sites around
the Gulf Coast, the oil spills, and the human wastes, get
pumped into the Gulf of Mexico thereby contaminating all Gulf
seafood, the coasts of every state and country touching the
Gulf, and eventually contaminating the Atlantic Ocean, the
polluters go scott free not responsible for their toxic
wastes, and with their profit margins rising. Pumping the
toxic wastes out to sea exceeds the contamination illustrated
in the movie "Sahara." It is disaster compounded by disaster.
Almost all of it is manmade, from the global warming that
accelerated Katrina to a Category 5, to the Superfund sites,
to the incompleted levees, to the poor foundations on the oil
tanks, to the global addiction to petroleum products, to the
lack of an evacuation plan in areas that inevitably get
hurricanes, to the pumping of highly toxic wastes out to sea.

I have 2 sons. After spending $60,000 - $100,000 each on
their college educations, where will the jobs be? Where will
the clean water be? Where will the clean air be? What kind
of world will they be growing up into? With so few jobs
available, how does the Bush government expect our children,
grandchildren and great-grandchildren to pay off the
exponentially rising debt?

Every day I wake up in despair. When the fascists come to my
town, the only ones I will be able to turn to will be my
local community. I am working tirelessly to develop and
cement together our local community. It is the sphere of
influence in which I have the most effect.

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