Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Message on Iraq to President Bush

As the President of a Democracy and defender of the Constitution, it is your role to carry out the will of the people. If you were the CEO of a large corporation, you would have to answer to your Board. In the case of the United States, your Board is Congress. They legislate and you carry out the legislation.

It is anti-American and contrary to the Constitution that you enforce legislation that favors big industry at the people’s expense, and derail legislation that benefits the people at the expense of big business.

You waged preemptive war on a sovereign nation, Iraq, which had nothing to do with avenging the 9/11 attacks. You are prolonging a bloody occupation of a sovereign nation, which is totally unConstitutional. You have enriched your war-profiteering cronies at the expense of thousands of American lives, countless Iraqi civilian deaths, millions of Iraqi refugees, and the unborn Iraqi generations that will be contaminated with the radioactive munitions that were deployed by the USA. Yet, the 9/11 attackers were mostly Saudi and a few Pakistani, both nations count among our best allies in the region.

Vengeance belongs to the Lord. You are not the Lord. Civilized nations negotiate using diplomacy. The military should be our last resort only for defense.

You discarded diplomacy in 2003 and declared preemptive war. You deceived the American People with a premeditated strategy to use fear to justify unConstitutional acts. You have twisted your priorities and sabotaged America to the point of its self-destruction. You depleted the Treasury, decreased revenues, expanded the budget and put our nation in debt for generations to come. Your business policies encouraged the exploitation offshore cheap labor, which terminated manufacturing jobs in the USA. The lack of funding toward education has caused a decline in the education levels, which lowers the quality of the American worker pool. There has been a sharp decline in University applications from abroad due to the declining quality of US education. Your derailing of the environmental protection laws has led to increased contamination and pollution of the common resources, food, water, and air. Your tax and economic policies have widened the gap between the rich and the poor.

You are a liability to America. I suggest you resign instantly!

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