Friday, July 20, 2007

Germany in the 30’s

September 23, 2005

George Bush and the neo-cons remind me of my x-husband: they do "whatever the fuck they want whenever the fuck they want to.” Agreements, promises, treaties, marriage vows, etc. need not be honored. "Rules are made to be broken." And if you don't like it, we will fight. Either "he who yells loudest wins the fight." Or those with the biggest nuclear arsenal win the fight. Or those with the hardest punch win the fight.

I often think of the decent, ordinary Germans back in the 30's, trying to live a peaceful life while all around them they could see a political storm brewing. The youths were all indoctrinated early, but many adults could see what was happening. Any church pastor who didn't preach Nazi divine racism was incarcerated in a concentration camp. Anyone who aided a Jew could be killed. No wonder the whole population of the Third Reich was in unity!

And yes, Hitler made the extermination of Jews into a holy Christian act, just like the South Africans made apartheid into a Christian policy. Now, as during the Crusades, the Muslims, who do worship the biblical ONE G-D and circumcise their sons, have become the enemy of good Christians. Now good Christians believe it is their Christian duty to kill Muslims.

I see only one way out of the quagmire the USA has gotten into. At first I thought it would be an armed revolution. But the thought of peaceful, cooperative people taking up arms was to me an oxymoron. Anyway, the rebellion would be instantly crushed and many good people would lose their lives. But recently, I have understood a superior way. It is by the peaceful people within the USA making allies with peaceful people in other countries and applying pressure on the US Government from abroad, both diplomatically and in the courts. Our government has been seized in a bloodless coup and the US Constitution is about to be trashed once the illegal leader appoints an ultra right wing justice to the Supreme Court. The American Dream has ended and the fascists have taken over.

I suggest that Canada ally itself with Japan, Italy, and a few other European countries to pressure the USA to comply with both common decency and its agreements/treaties. (It didn't work with my husband. He chose to end the marriage rather than curb his arrogant, remorseless behavior.)

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