Thursday, August 30, 2012

What the hell are the "conventions" for?

My friend asked: What the hell are the "conventions" for?

My reply: They used to be for deciding which of the candidates would be the nominee chosen by the delegates. But now the delegates have already been chosen by the media and the polls before they get to the convention, so the sets of various delegates arriving and voting is a redundant formality. 

A gala waste of money. A coronation.
A nauseat
ing waste of good money.

If the campaign was limited to 12 weeks, then the convention would be meaningful.

And it all doesn't even matter, because all the swing states still use electronic voting machines that can be hacked in a couple of minutes by an experienced hacker. And the voting machines are produced by avowed neo-Cons. Just another way to CON their way into power.

And the swing states are often states with low levels of education and high levels of obesity who can be swayed on hot button issues that are used at every election like abortion, gay marriage, and liberty. And they systematically eliminate their competition, suffocating any voice of dissent.  They want a homogeneous society with them writing the rules.  If they can't win on issues, then they will win using dirty tricks.  They will CON their way into power. 

They are sucking away our sovereign power, and we let them! Because it is easier than fighting for justice.  But We the People are more numerous, if we all woke up and joined together to take our power back from the millionaires and corporations that are buying our elections, we together would overwhelm them.  
I assure you that they won't give our power back easily.  They will take out the big guns which is how they solve all problems, and there will be martyrs.  Hopefully, only a few and none fatal. 

I don't want to live in an homogenous society with armed guards on every street corner. That reminds me of communist China. I want to live in a pluralist society where we all respect and celebrate our differences, and we work together for the benefit of mankind rather than to exploit the natural and human resources for profit. 

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