Thursday, June 21, 2012

Counting My Blessings for Solstice

This Solstice, I take a moment and invite myself to count some of the things I am, at the moment, abundantly grateful for. So, in no particular order, I begin.

I am abundantly grateful to my Creator for Life. Your hand has lifted me from the jaws of Death so many times and graced me with abundance in spite of my shortcomings.

I am grateful for the good luck that I have managed through employment and unemployment to maintain enough cash flow to keep a safe, dry, warm, and beautiful house above us with all the conveniences of modern times. I am grateful for my bountiful garden, for fresh raspberries, and eggs.

I am grateful that my old body still can run, jump, ride a bike with no hands, and climb a tree. I am abundantly grateful for my mother with whom, at 95, I will spend a few weeks in August, and that we can still have substantive talks about anything. My mother gives me everything unconditionally.

I am abundantly grateful for my 2 handsome, intelligent sons, Moses Sunbeam & @Ari Sunbeam, who now both live with me. I am grateful for their good health and how they pitch in and help me around the house and the rental units. It is such a relief to not have to do it all alone! And it is a pleasure to cook for them, eat together, work and play together. I am grateful for the renewed opportunity to guide my adult children with mothering.

I am grateful that I live in such a vibrantly rich area which is not only low crime, but also is filled with overlapping communities all actively striving to make the world a better place. I am grateful to the River Oak Charter School community to which I have contributed for 7 years, and will soon lamentably be moving on. I am grateful to the Kol Ha'Emek community who are my extended family. I am grateful to the political activist community with whom we fight a non-violent uphill battle to Heal the World,
תיקון עולם tikkun olam. And I am abundantly grateful to Yoga Mendocino for providing the nourishment I need for my soul.

I am also grateful for the many friends with whom we have shared our lives, and for the amazing adventures past, present, and future. Family and friends are the 2 greatest treasures and I have them in abundance. I am also grateful that I have a warm and friendly relationship with my X.

Most of all, I am grateful for the level of consciousness in which I dwell where every person is loved, and I am very rarely provoked by my children. My needs are few and so are my disappointments. I am so filled with gratitude that petty upheavals don't rock my boat, and I surf the crest of the tsunami when it arrives.

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