Monday, September 05, 2011

My third visit to the Tea Party - The Threat of Islam to America

Today, August 18, 2011, the Ukiah Valley Patriots featured a speaker from the Bay Area named Peter Friedman.  He claims to have studied Islam for over 40 years.  His 2-hour lecture was entitled, "The Threat of Islam to America."  He introduced himself as a good Conservative, having had the opportunity to fly Reagan around during his election campaign. 

Mr. Friedman began by admitting that he is scared of Nazis and Muslims.  He declares that Yasser Arafat's uncle, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini, sent 23,000 Muslims to work with the German SS during WWII. Therefore, all Muslims are a threat.  He conflated Auschwitz with Islam.  He claims that the Hamas charter names the Rotary Club, Lions & Freemasons as enemies of Islam.  His website is called:  

Mr. Friedman conveyed his outrage that the California city of Santa Clara gave permission to build a mosque in which an imam calls Muslims to prayer five time per day.  He repeatedly played the sound to the audience of an imam calling people to prayer.  To me, it brought memories back of magical and holy days living in Udawatekele, Sri Lanka, in which the call to prayer down in the valley echoed up through the hermitage where I was meditating in the hilly jungle.  Mr. Friedman compared the sound to a dog caterwauling.  It this point, it became very apparent to me that Peter Friedman was fomenting blind hate.  

He outlined the 4 stages of the organized plan of the Islamic Conquest:
  1. Infiltration
  2. Consolidation of Power
  3. Open War
  4. Totalitarian Islamic Theocracy
He went on to express outrage at New Jersey's Governor Christie appointing a Muslim judge.  Now we have Sharia Law in New Jersey! he exclaimed.  My unspoken response was to silently ask, Do Christian and Jewish judges bring Bible law?  If so, I presume he would agree with that as a good and normal thing.  Do Chinese judges bring Buddhist, Taoist or Confucian law to the bench?  Now that the Supreme Court consists totally of Catholics and Jews, would Mr. Friedman find that objectionable?  I was under the assumption that our law is based on English Common Law codified by Henry II in the 1160's, followed about 55 years later by the Magna Carta.  Not wanting to disrupt his build up of hate, I remained silent.  Friedman added that the Constitution is based on Biblical law. 

Friedman gave examples of the first step, Infiltration, by siting that Muslims are going around during this economic downturn buying up distressed properties.  He claimed that Rupert Murdock is buying into the Mideast media market, and therefore had to get rid of Glen Beck who presented an obstacle to the lucrative deal.  He added that the Holy Land Foundation was laundering money for Hamas.  During the bust, they found a road map on their computer composed by the Muslim Brotherhood of all US operatives.  Posing more examples of infiltration, he claimed that the Muslim Student Association runs San Francisco State University, and beats up Jews on campus.  Friedman concluded this portion of his lecture by conflating the 501(c)(3) status of a religious mosque with the "fact" that all Muslims speak political speech is designed  to overthrow the government of the USA.  

I could take it all in up to this point because I haven't studied this topic very much, and I didn'tknow the extent of the veracity of his facts.  But then he went on saying, "King Obama is full of crap!"  Since Obama's father and grandfather are both Muslims, therefore, Obama must be a Muslim.  Claiming to be a Christian makes Obama an apostate.  Friedman went on to say some very disrespectful things about President Obama that were so inflammatory that it discredited anything else he had to say.  

He went on to talk about Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, identifying it as the home of the Muslim Brotherhood. President Nasser made the Brotherhood illegal in Egypt, and then survived 2 assassination attempts.  Then he described the American educated Muslim fundamentalist, Sayd Qutb, who published a book called "Milestones" for which he was arrested and was martyred by hanging in 1966.  Friedman showed a convoluted chart reminiscent of Glen Beck showing all the connections which prove the Muslims conspiracy to take over America, promulgated by the Al Qaeda magazine called "Inspire." 

Friedman stated that the World Trade Center got hit on 9/11 to commemorate the 1683 defeat of the Ottoman Empire's invasion of Europe.  He didn't mention that Salvador Allende was assassinated by the CIA-backed coup in Chile also on 9/11.  

Friedman states that Obama said in a speech that Islam has always been a part of American history.  He asked, did any Muslims come over on the Mayflower?  He has a copy of a letter signed by both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton from 1785 asking Ambassador Lamb why Muslims feel hostile toward Christians.  Although Jefferson had a Koran in his library, he was studying it to know his enemy.  

Friedman claims there are 35 known terrorist training camps in the USA, two of which are located in California.  Muslims believe every word in the Koran because they believe it comes straight from the One God.  I thought to myself, so do fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Jews of the Bible.  And so do Mormons of their books.  Friedman exclaims that Islam is a cult!  (I hear some Christians say the same thing about the LDS church.) 

The main message of the Koran is world domination of all non-Muslims.  Book 9, v. 29: "...fight all those who do not believe in Islam, unless they pay the tax (jizya).  Jihad is mandated in the Koran.  Allah means the One God.  Juihad means slaying Jews and Christians.  Greater jihad is an internal struggle; lesser jihad involves killing infidels.  Takiya is sacred lying in order to advance Islam. 

Friedman asks, "Can a Muslim be a trustworthy American?"  NO!  Why do we even have Muslims in the army???  The first war ever fought in the new nation was against the Barbary Pirates (Muslims).  The average IQ in the Middle East is about 70 due to inbreeding.  The Koran commands Muslims to beat their disobedient women.  (The Bible commands us to beat our disobedient children right in the town square, as well as stone to death: 1) a virgin who is raped but doesn't call out for help, 2) the rapist, 3) a homosexual, 4) someone who works on the Sabbath, 5) anyone who takes you to the house of worship of another religion, 6) anyone who even talks to you about another religion, 7) perpetrator of incest, 8) bestiality, 9) cursing your parent, 10) necromancy, 11)witchcraft, 12) snake worship, 13) child sacrifice.)  The Koran even forbids making friends with non-Muslims.  Our local judges are afraid to insult a Muslim, and therefore end up with Sharia law.  Our laws are based on the Bible.  "Hindus don't have a holy book."  Therefore, Islam and Democracy can't co-exist!  The Smith Act of 1940 makes the overthrow of the US Government a felony.  

It was offensive and crazy that they allowed Congressman Kieth Ellison to swear his oath of office on a Koran.  Friedman then conflated Congressman Ellison with a terrorists (for being Muslim), and implied that he is violating the RICO laws.  If Iraq is a Muslim nation, and our RICO laws make it illegal to aid or assist aliens into the country for the purpose of terrorism, and all Muslims are terrorists by definition, then WHAT ARE WE DOING IN IRAQ???

The Arab Spring has brought about a "peaceful revolution" in Cairo, but they have no idea what democracy is!  Especially with an IQ of 70.  "There is an unholy alliance between Liberals and Muslims in the USA.  Liberals are using Muslims to do their dirty work,"... and Muslims are exploiting the opportunity with Liberals with intention to crush them later.  

Mr. Friedman mentioned that his lecture is prohibited in UK due to the risk of inciting people to violence.  Having mentioned the Sermon on the Mount and Christ's proscription to "Love thine enemies," I asked him if he loves his enemies.  He replied, "I'm not a Christian; I'm a Jew."  I said to him that his angry tone of voice could very well incite someone to violence.  He retorted, "Well, Yeah!"  

As the lecture ended, Duane, the MOC, came up to me and asked, "Why do you even come to these meetings?  To collect dirt on us?"  I replied, "To form a massive coalition in order to restore democracy to our federal government."  But I was thinking that Duane must have a guilty conscience if he thinks there is dirt to collect at his meetings.  Certainly, these 2 hours of hate could be considered "dirt."  

The chaplain of the local prison was a member of the crowd.  After the lecture, he complemented me on my good question about loving one's neighbors.  I was surprised to see a man of the cloth in a crowd of hate mongers.  He never even said a single word to stop this tirade of hate.  He was joined by the man who says the beginning and final invocations to Jesus Christ at all these Tea Party meetings.  I asked him why he prays to Jesus Christ when not everyone in the room is a Christian.  He replied something about the father, son and holy ghost, and the holy ghost applies to everyone.  I asked how, if he is a Christian, that he could tolerate so much hate toward Muslims.  He was surprised at that question because it was so obvious to him, Muslims deserve it because they are attacking us.  And when I joked about how these Christians are always badmouthing these other Christians, he agreed that the Catholics are the anti-Christ, and the Mormons are a cult.  

Even 2 weeks after this meeting, I am still reeling from the hate fomented by Peter Friedman, and by the 30 people in that room who all agreed with him, including the chaplain and the praying Christian. 


  1. My letter to the editor about this meeting:
    I recently attended a Tea Party meeting of the Ukiah Valley Patriots. Their guest speaker spent two hours promulgating disrespect and hate for Muslims. He connected Hitler and Liberals with Muslims. At one point, he mentioned that his lecture was outlawed in the UK for reasons of potential to incite violence. I interrupted him and mentioned that his hateful tone of voice may very well incite people to violence. He responded, “Well, yeah!” I replied that he mentioned the Sermon on the Mount when Jesus said to love thine enemies. He replied, “I'm not a Christian; I'm a Jew.”

    Afterwards, an attendee who identified himself as a Christian chaplain, complemented me on my comment. We were joined by the man who opens and closes the meetings with a prayer to Jesus Christ. I asked why he prays to Jesus, the Prince of Peace, when he agrees so strongly with the hate-mongering of this speaker? He replied that he is invoking the Holy Spirit to guide them. When I mentioned the Spanish Inquisition, he said that those were Catholics. When I mentioned that Hitler found a way to include racism in German Christianity, he said it was individuals, and not the church that exterminated Jews. They both chimed in together, “We love the Jews.” Neither the chaplain nor the prayer man saw any conflict between hating Muslims, exacting revenge upon Muslims for their alleged desire to take over culture and institute sharia law, and their belief in Jesus Christ and the Sermon on the Mount.

    The MC asked me, “Why do you even come to these meetings? To collect dirt?” I wondered if he felt guilty that his meetings promote “dirt.” I replied that I hope to create a massive coalition to help bring about a more representative democracy. But I ask you readers, does this letter qualify as dirt?

    Another question: Can anyone who hates his neighbor call themselves a Christian?
    There were 30 people at that meeting all agreeing that the Muslims and Liberals are collaborating to take over the world, destroy democracy, and replace Christian laws with sharia law.
    Has the world gone nuts?

  2. Anonymous2:29 AM

    I attended a similar lecture by Peter Friedman, and came away with a different impression.

    1. Your narrative lacks counter factuals. Tell us which of Friedman's assertions are false and why.

    2. Friedman draws on the Koran to back up his case against Islam. Do you think he misrepresents what's in the Koran? Do you think that Muslims don't follow the Koran? If so then name one Muslim clergyman who rejects the Koran in whole or in part.

    3. Can you name one Muslim clergyman or spokesman who has publicly rejected Haj Amin el-Husseini? Or Yassar Arafat?

    4. A planted axiom in your narrative assumes that Islam, Christianity and Judaism are essentially equivalent. As far as I know, nowhere in the Torah do we find anything like Jihad. Nowhere in the Torah will you find non-Jews condemned. Indeed Jews do not seek converts because gentiles are considered fully righteous people. Compare and contrast to the Koran. Never, ever have I heard a Rabbi preach hate against the Muslims with the possible exception of Kahane, who has been roundly condemned by other Jews. Can you say the same about Mosques?

    5. Gert Wilders has made similar claims about Islam and suffered criminal prosecution as a result. He was acquitted in a court of law in the Netherlands. His defense: the assertions are true, prove me wrong. They could not.

    6. Friedman presents a critical analysis of Islam, which you reject, but you don't tell us why he's wrong. Do you think any critical analysis must necessarily he hate? Can I not criticize the KKK or the Church of Scientology? I see nothing wrong with a critical analysis provided it's backed up by facts.

    If you wish to dispute Mr. Friedman, then you need to provide us with more than an emotional reaction.