Thursday, August 06, 2009

War with Iran Would Be a BIG Mistake

As I have already written, whether Obama wants war or not, the war profiteers will foment war and the USA will be sucked into it. That's a fact.

I heard on the news today that we may be at war with Iran in a couple of weeks. That would please the war profiteers because they make money no matter who wins. But the USA will not be able to beat Iran. The Iranians have learned their lesson and they are ready for us.

No sooner was the fascist Axis defeated in WWII than US Intelligence recruited the defeated Nazi war criminals to fight our allies, the Soviets. The resulting Gehlen Organization of Nazi master spies provided all the intelligence on the Soviet Union for the next decade. Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 creating the CIA and the National Security Council (NSC) to oversee it. The initial CIA was populated by operatives from the Gehlen Organization. By 1948, the CIA created a secret wing called the Office of Policy Coordination to carry out "anti-communist" covert operations. I wonder why 3 years after helping us defeat the fascists, that suddenly our government decides to fight our allies, the communists, using our enemies, the Nazi fascists? What was so very wrong about communism that we needed to recruit our worst enemies into a covert wing of government to fight it?

In 1953, under the direction of Allen Dulles, the covert wing of the CIA, which was dedicated to defending freedom and democracy, overthrew the democratically elected center-left leader of Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh. At that time, Iran was a budding democracy with a western-leaning population and a secular parliament. The CIA set up the brutal Shah of Iran who promoted Western corporate interests while ruthlessly repressing the Iranian people.

Twenty six years later, the Muslim fundamentalists managed to overthrow the Shah and take 66 Americans hostages. After releasing the women, sick, and people of color, 52 hostages remained. They wanted the Shah returned from the USA to face trial in Iran for his crimes against humanity. Some believe the hostage takers were paid by Reagan campaign conspirators; that's what it looked like to me at the time. The failure of peacemaker President Jimmy Carter to free the hostages led to his electoral defeat. The unintended consequences of the CIA's covert action against a budding secular democracy resulted in the creation of an avidly anti-American militant fundamentalist Muslim theocracy in Iran; our baby.

Once the Shah died, and Iraq invaded Iran, the hostage takers released the hostages moments after the inauguration of Ronald Reagan, supposedly as a statement against Carter's support for the brutal Shah. Reagan instituted economic sanctions against Iran and military support to Iran's enemy, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, causing the Iranian Muslim theocracy to work even harder to survive. In spite of the embargo and arming their neighbor, Iraq, CIA covert operations were selling arms to Iran, now known as the Iran-Contra Affair. The CIA used the funds to support the anti-democratic Contras of Nicaragua.

The Iranians have been victims of a series of anti-democratic interventions instigated by the USA. In spite of this, they have developed into the powerhouse of the Middle East. They signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty as well as weapons inspection treaties with the IAEA. Although they have used rhetoric against the state of Israel, they have not violated any rules or conventions without first being violated from abroad. Although Iran has not invaded their neighboring countries in the last century and has cooperated with efforts against nuclear proliferation, the United States chooses to make Iran the enemy.

There is currently a steamroller of anti-Iranian militaristic sentiment in the American news media to fight Iran, our unintended baby. Doesn't anyone see that we have meddled enough with Iran? If we start a war with Iran, it may be the last war that the USA ever fights. We have been at war for decades. Our resources are depleted; our national treasury is deep in debt. We have already mortgaged the futures of our unborn great grandchildren to pay for our current ongoing wars. What makes anyone think that we could defeat Iran, who has been preparing to defend themselves against us since we invaded Iraq in 1991? War with Iran at this time will be the biggest mistake ever made by the USA.

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