Saturday, August 29, 2009

To Marvin re: dialogue with race & hate baiter about CA schools

August 24, 2009


Thanks for your rational and researched retort to Jim's irrational hate and blame scapegoating. You will never convince them with reason and facts.

I have some good friends with sons the same age as mine. The last time I visited them, they spoke the same words as Jim and I was surprised, as usual, that such words could spew forth from intelligent people's mouths. This is the popular issue for a certain subset of arch Republicans. I've heard such virulent hate and blame words from my friends before, yet we have maintained a cordial friendship. I just presume that they have been hypnotized or something, and try to see the merit in their viewpoint. I try to understand what part of them is fulfilled by crude-mouthed rage focused on race baiting. I presume they aspire to be one of the nobles in the neo-feudalistic new world they envision.

There is no way to reason with such people. They are convinced and enraged. It is all part of the fascist tide that the war profiteers are fomenting. If my friends got hypnotized into the frenzy, then the whole tide could become a tidal wave.

I'm glad you speak up to this frenzy with reason; even if you could never convince the fanatics, you can convince the bulk of the normals under the bell curve. I'm glad you speak up for facts, compassion, and reason.

In Peace

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