Sunday, December 21, 2008

Congress likes to play the "ignorant" game

Remember in 1984 when the CIA mined the harbors of Nicaragua?
"Between 1981 and 1984 the Reagan administration... approved placing 300 pound mines of C4 explosives in three Nicaraguan harbours. Several ships were hit, including British and French vessels, and the Nicaraguan fishing industry was devastated. In April 1984, the CIA’s role in the mining of Nicaragua’s harbours was publicly disclosed...."

In fact, the mining of Nicaraguan harbors was in the alternative press for nearly 8 months before the British ship was hit with a mine causing an international scandal. Yet, when the mines were discovered to have been placed by the USA, Congress pretended to know nothing whatsoever about it. It was all very shocking news to them. Then it was revealed that Congress had approved the funds for the mines. Congress was playing the "ignorant" game.

We have a very similar situation today. Our economy is totally depleted of funds as well as the means of production of new wealth, and Congress is shocked. As foreclosure rates skyrocket, industries collapse, unemployment rises, and high school drop-out rates approach 40%, Congress is again playing the "ignorant" game.

When Congress approved $581,406,113,674 for the war in Iraq, they supposedly couldn't imagine that it would impact the homeland economy.
When Congress dropped their priorities for domestic spending to improve the American infrastructure, provide a social safety net, fund education, shift energy from fossil fuels to renewable sources, protect the environment, all for the common People, and instead fund private militias to wage foreign wars on our behalf, they couldn't imagine that it would negatively impact the American economy.
When Congress approved tax cuts for the wealthy while waging expensive wars overseas, Congress couldn't imagine that reducing revenues while increasing expenses would negatively impact the American economy.
When Congress approved the unfunded No Child Left Behind Act which caused the high school drop out rate to double in turn causing the literacy rate in American to drop significantly, they couldn't imagine that an illiterate workforce might erode America's manufacturing prowess.
When Congress approved the addition of kidney dialysis to MediCare, and a prescription drug plan that prohibits bargaining for lower rates based on economies of scale, they had no inkling that it would bankrupt MediCare.

And now that we are in the worst depression since 1929, Congress is totally shocked as if depleting the national treasury and mortgaging our expensive foreign wars to our unborn grandchildren wasn't going to effect the economy. Yet, the alternative press has been publishing pieces on the inevitable results of all of these policies for over a decade.

Either our elected representatives in Congress are total fools, or they are collaborators in the destruction of America. I am thoroughly convinced of the latter. The number of representatives in Congress who actually protect and defend the Constitution as well as serve the common People can be counted on one hand. The rest, both Democrat and Republican, are collaborators in the rape and pillage of the American economy.

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