Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bush & Cheney were not idiots

Friend B.M. wrote:
I heard something amazing on the radio the other day. It was an editorial on KMUD, but the guy quoted Dick Cheney as saying, he thought they did pretty well, considering the conditions they had to work in. He doesn't seem to recognize they were the CAUSE of those conditions. Boy, talk about, DUH!

My reply:
If their goal was to embezzle the public funds and transfer public wealth into private hands, I think they did spectacularly well.

If their goal was to deplete the strength of American troops and demoralize them as well as maiming the best to disempower them against any future defense, while enriching and arming a massive private militia and have it stationed on American soil, I think they did quite well.

If their plan was to destabilize the Middle East, they did quite well with that, too.

If their goal was to entrench right-leaning governments all over the world like a domino effect, they have succeeded very well.

If their goal was to destroy America to weaken it at the core to open the way for a well-armed private militia to move in and take over the country, they again succeeded quite well in bludgeoning the leading world nation to its knees now powerless to defend ourselves.

Hitler succeeded in the precision removal of all people of Jewish descent by performing massive data collection programs during peacetime before invading a country. Like Hitler, the Bush cabal have initiated massive data collection programs in which they have destroyed the conservative notion of privacy on the pretense of national security. Now they know everything there is to know about us, and when their private militia arrives, they will remove the opposition with efficiency to rival no one.

It is you who are the fool for judging them to be idiots. They have succeeded stupendously well. They have paved the way for their old buddy Osama bin Laden to move in at a moment's notice. Their private militias will be able to march right in and overpower our spent troops in a heartbeat.

And they are still trying to squeeze more and more public funds into the private sector right up to the very last moment.

Get down off your high horse and acknowledge their successes. I've only mentioned a few.
In Peace, Bodhi

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