Monday, December 03, 2007

Stop wasting time and money on the terrorist game

The "War on Terror" is a manipulative ploy to keep the American electorate terrified enough to justify giving up our civil rights to a creeping fascist invasion. When the Congress led by a Democratic majority falls prey to the fascist manipulations and propaganda, they are no longer serving the people.

3000 people died 6 years ago in one day from terrorists. To retaliate, we have killed countless 10's of thousands in Iraq, displaced millions, destroyed the infrastructure of an entire country, bankrupted the US Treasury, killed 4000 American GI's, countless thousands of mercenaries, and maimed 25,000 GIs. Yet we let the mastermind of that terrorist attack go free when we had him surrounded, and we protected his family members like royalty.

Since 6 years ago, countless 10's of thousands have died every year as a result of global climate change, but we continue to support the petroleum companies and polluting policies that have caused it. If petroleum companies are causing the deaths of so many people and species of wildlife, I would consider them to be homegrown terrorists.

Since 6 years ago, 450,000 Americans have died from alcohol related injuries. I would consider the alcohol companies to be homegrown terrorists.

Since 6 years ago, 500,000 Americans have died from tobacco. I would consider the tobacco companies to be homegrown terrorists.

The morbidity and mortality worldwide from air, water and soil pollution, from the effects of burning fossil fuel, drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco exceed the single act of terrorism on 9/11 by about 500X, yet we fall for the manipulative propaganda of a war on Muslim terrorists in order to justify the invasion and occupation of sovereign nations and the erosion of American civil liberties.

Wake up Congress and start defending the Constitution from the tyranny within our own government. Stop playing the game. Get real and start serving the people. America has some very huge real problems that are being totally ignored while you waste our time and money playing the terrorist game.

Just remember that Luis Posada Carriles, the terrorist that exploded an airplane in mid-air with a toothpaste tube full of C-4, is scott free on the streets of Miami while the rest of the world gets their toothpaste tubes confiscated at the airport.


  1. They shall never get my toothpastse. I have devised a special hiding place - no, not THAT... Can't take the whole tube, but enough paste for a long weekend. It would also work if I ever feel like taking something really dangerous on board, like that hot green sauce you get at Japanese restaurants.

    Ha! Take that, Bushy-boy!

  2. My son has also been taking his old, rolled-up toothpaste tube on airplanes with him for several years. I guess when it only holds enough toothpase for the weekend, they overlook it.

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