Friday, November 23, 2007

My reponse to M.G. on Thanksgiving Day

M.G. wrote: On Nov. 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade in Dallas. Suspected gunman Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as the 36th president of the United States. Yet, there was not a word about this on the national media this Thanksgiving, 2007. I consider that very strange and another condemnation of our national media.

My response:
It may be strange for a democracy that depends upon the press to inform the electorate in order for the best candidates to be elected. But it's not the least bit strange in a fascist dictatorship that wants to allay any suspicions of any historical foul play from the soporific masses. We didn't see anything about the big nationwide peace demonstrations on Oct. 27th either.

Don't rock the boat, M.G. Just let the fascists continue to creep in to every facet of our society and infect our neighbors around the world: Mexico, France, Britain, Italy, Pakistan, Russia. They have already started creeping into Mendocino County. I don't know the specifics, but I hear it between the words of our elected officials. No one wants to use the word "fascist," but I hear them saying things like, "Oh yeah. Politics in Mendocino County have DEFINITELY CHANGED in the last few years...."

Just look at our district attorney, Meridith Lintott. We'll never know if she beat Vroman posthumously, but she ran against 2 opposing candidates in the special election, which split the opposition and guaranteed her victory. She is one of THEM. Neo-con. Fascist. She subscribes to the culture of corruption and the arrogant remorselessness of a person with a shame based value system. Someone like that is capable of doing ANYTHING and rationalize any justification. Yet, I met good, intelligent social reformers who blindly voted for her.

You ask me how do I know she is one of THEM? I went to a debate before the first election between her and the dead guy. Later on, when some other candidates were debating, I felt this dark, ominous presence on my right. I turned to look, and found Ms. Lintott sitting not 3 seats away from me in my row. I saw a dark, evil aura around her and glimpsed a monster in her soul. You can poo-poo my intuition or ability to see through people like they are transparent, but I accurately identified the bloodless fascist coup d'etat in 2000 after the supreme court decision that made Bush the president. People considered me a nut-case then, but now I hear the radio commentators talk about creeping fascism every day. It only took 7 years for them to catch up to what was obvious to me back then. I have a pretty good track record of prognostication and character evaluation. According to me, Lintott is one of THEM.

Pretty soon, we will have a word in our American language: "doing a Musharraf." It will mean, taking over a democracy with the military, removing the uniform for a Brooks Brothers suit, arresting all the judges and lawyers, suspending the supreme court, and trashing the Constitution. Bush and Musharraf are kindred spirits in that effect. It is much better for the fascist corporate interests to support a military dictatorship in Pakistan than to learn lessons from Cuba, where everyone has health care, and the energy blockade resulted in an economy based on renewable energy and organic fertilizers. The fascists can't tolerate that. They need to turn Cuba back into a plantation which exploits the people and provides a new Club Med for the super-rich.

I wonder when the fascists will buy up Ukiah's stupendously successful local electric industry? More than half of Ukiah's electricity comes from renewable resources. I bet that makes the fascists angry. Once the fascist corporations buy up all the local energy and water sources, that's when all of our fates will be sealed. Until then, the peaceful, cooperative people still have a chance to instigate a non-violent revolution to set the USA back on a course to serve the people.

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