Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Athena Melville has never been to an Occupy Ukiah meeting

Athena Melville, the co-administrator of this site, has never been to an Occupy Ukiah meeting and doesn't know what what issues we are working on or what issues we are fighting.  She wants to prohibit the other co-administrators from posting the local news, events and opinions of the group.  She erases the posts of the other administrators if they post anything original saying that we are only allowed to re-post from other sources, like she does. 

Occupy Ukiah wants to make it very clear that we are opposed to corporate personhood rights.  We are non-partisan and believe that both the Democrats and the Republicans are corrupt and violating the Constitution.  We believe that the members of Congress, most of whom are millionaires, are bought and paid for by big corporations like the petroleum industry, the arms industry, the private bank industry, the insurance industry, the firearms industry, the high-tech security industry, and the drug industry.  We don't trust them to act in the best interests of We the People or Democracy. 

Occupy Ukiah opposes the "Democracy for All Amendment," which Athena has posted 3 times to this page.  We oppose it because it gives permission to regulate campaign spending, but doesn't mandate it.  It also retains all corporate personhood rights which makes this amendment proposal a toxic misadventure and waste of the People's time and money.  Democrats are seizing it as an issue that they think will energize the base in the midterm elections.  Most members of Congress don't honestly want to limit their campaign contributions.  We at Occupy Ukiah want to cut private contributions completely out of elections and make all elections publicly financed and limited to just a few weeks of campaigning. 

Occupy Ukiah is very concerned about invasive toxins spewed by both our government and industrial wastes which pollutes the soil, the water, and the air we breathe.  We are concerned about the 3000 lbs of Roundup that is sprayed every year on our Mendocino County school campuses where our children play all day.  We are offended that our air is being polluted by industrial waste gases and particles that invade our bodies against our will.  We are in favor of banning fracking and promoting alternative non-polluting energy.  The sun emits enough energy in 1 hour  to power the whole world for a year. 

Occupy Ukiah is also extremely concerned with the overreach of the Wall Street banks, their corruption, and their conspiracy to milk the wealth of the nation into fewer and fewer hands.  We have been working for over 3 years on a solution to illegal foreclosures.  We are delighted that issue came to the public's attention for a while, but right now the public thinks the illegal foreclosure issue is over.  The only law that changed here in California was the Homeowner's Bill of Rights which curbed the worst foreclosure practices, but it will expire in 2018.  We are rushing to establish our county public bank before 2018 when we predict the next illegal foreclosure debacle will begin. 

We are also very concerned about the MERS (Mortgage Electronic Recording System) database which bypasses the role of the County Recorder robbing our county of $53,000 every year, and clouds the titles of every property that has been financed or refinanced in the last decade.  Occupy Ukiah believes that the chain of assignments on property titles should be clear.  We want to make the MERS database illegal and return the job of recording assignments to county recorders, which is where it belongs. 

Occupy Ukiah is extremely concerned about the 3 reactors melting down in Fukushima.  We keep a Geiger Counter going and note every time there is a spike in the radioactivity.  Fukushima is being managed by the Yakuza, which is making a ton of profit while not just the residents of Japan are being toxified.  The winds and ocean currents are driving the radioactive particles here to California. 

Occupy Ukiah wants to localize the economy.  We understand that the big box stores like Wal-Mart put local stores out of business while paying such low wages the the majority of their employees depend upon public assistance to survive.  We oppose that the Walton Family gets richer and richer based on public assistance.  We succeeded at preventing our local Wal-Mart from expanding into a 24 hour superstore.  Athena Melville had nothing to do with this success. 

Occupy Ukiah ran a candidate in the last election to replace our County Recorder who refuses to demand an Affidavit of Authority when recording robo-signed foreclosures.  She is enabling the corrupt banks from continuing their illegal practices rather than defend the public.  The Recorder says it is not her job to investigate crime.  Athena Melville did absolutely nothing to support the Occupy candidate. 

Occupy Ukiah is opposed to the Willits Bypass and many members have been working to oppose CalTrans' plans to destroy the wetlands and aquifer in Little Lake Valley. 

There are many more social injustices that Occupy Ukiah could support like racism, sexism, LGBT rights, the legalization of marijuana, Smart Meters, save the Redwoods, stop the Navy from killing marine mammals with sonar, GMO's, a free and open internet, the privatization of the public airwaves, and many more.  But we have decided to focus on just these 6 issues: eliminating corporate personhood rights under the Constitution, toxins from agricultural and fracking chemicals, mortgage fraud & big bank corruption, Fukushima, opposing big box stores to localize the economy, and opposing the Willits Bypass.  Only these 6 issues are germane to Occupy Ukiah.  Everything else are the opinion of Athena Melville and not supported by Occupy Ukiah. 

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