Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Feeling Powerless

I am getting very discouraged in my effort to bring America to its senses. I don't see what the Republian/neocon endgame is in enriching the already filthy rich, destroying the economy, and removing collective bargaining rights. I also can't understand why everyone doesn't see through their lies. How could anyone in their right mind accept cuts to social programs and education while reducing taxes for the rich?

The local group of progressive activists can hardly get more than 7 people at best to show up. The Tea Party gets 40. 35 of the 40 people at the Tea Party are legitimately angry about our current government, and eat up the twisted lies being told to them by the Koch-trained liars. They are teaching a class on the Constitution that spins it into a charter for free enterprise rather than a charter to protect individual and collective rights.

I just read a piece by Robert Reich about the Republican strategy to divide and conquer, and he finishes it with a question: What is the Democratic strategy to counter this? The unfortunate answer is none. The Democrats are mostly doing the same thing as the Republicans.

Representative Kucinich recently wrote me to report that the House just voted to eliminate all funding for the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) - one of the few programs in the budget dedicated to conflict prevention and non-violence - while they added another $158 billion in the same budget for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. How do Americans tolerate this miscarriage of justice? 

Last week as Hillary Clinton condemned Egyptian and Iranian governments for arresting and beating protesters, a former U.S. Army and CIA officer was violently ejected from the her audience and arrested for a silent protest of America's foreign policy. Did anyone notice the irony?

 Justices Scalia and Thomas were wined and dined on a Tea Party junket at a retreat over a year ago before ruling in favor of the Koch-financed "Citizen's United v. FEC" decision. They should have recused themselves, but they legislated from the bench in favor of their donors.

I am weeping from frustration and powerlessness. I can't believe this is happening. How far will the neocon fascists push the American public until there is an uprising? Will it take 30 years of Mubarach Koch dictatorship until we begin to demonstrate in the streets? Are Americans willing to sit down and take this abuse? I am at my wit's end. Why aren't American activists demonstrating in the streets like in Egypt?

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