Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The CEO President

You know what really gets to me, Christians that love to hate.  I’m referring to Christians who are willing to kill their neighbor because maybe they’re a Muslim, a Jew, a Black, or something like that.  And I ponder now on why would a Christian whose life is guided by the Prince of Peace, who tells them to turn the other cheek and love their neighbors, why would a Christian do something like that?  I think its because there is something fundamentally gullible about believing in a virgin birth.  Not even all the Gospels agree about a virgin birth.  It seems to me that Mary’s virginity is a myth.  Yet many Christian sects depend on that myth to justify their doctrines. 

Christians are willing to believe that Mary was a virgin, that Jesus was completely chaste and never had sex or children, and that women need to be subservient to men.  Many Christians believe that you can go to hell with yourself on Saturday night, then go confess your sins on Sunday morning where Jesus will love and forgive you no matter what you did the night before. 

That person will also be gullible enough to believe that the 9/11 attackers did it because Muslims are fundamentally maniac jihadists.  They may also believe that Muslims need to be wiped off the Earth.  I ask, what if those same people found out that it was really an inside job, perhaps the CIA, that planned the 9/11 attacks that destroyed the Twin Towers?  And that it was CIA put George Bush in office, and arranged the Supreme Court to overrule the Florida Supreme Court in a state’s rights issue. 

Maybe it was the CIA that told George Bush to say, “I am the CEO President.”  You know what?  I should have realized it then, but I realized it today.  Bush declared in 2000 that he was going to be the CEO President and run the country like a corporation.  I’ve got to say that there is absolutely nothing democratic about a corporation.  It is run from the top down whether it has stockholders or not.  The main purpose of a corporation is to make profits.  If there are stockholders, then the main purpose is to generate earnings per share to the stockholders, and profits for the CEO and other administrators. 

A Democracy, or a Republic, is made of the People. A republic is a form of government in which the people retain supreme control over the government and there is no guy at the top calling all the shots.   A Democracy is for the People.  As far as I can see in our government, the President is the executor of what the Congress tells him to do.  Congress is the legislator that represent the People.  Their job is to enact legislation according to the needs and will of the People.  And the President is the executive that carries out the will of the people.  Such is a democratic republic.

A corporation is run by the Board.  Similarly, a democracy is run by the houses of Comgress.  In a corporation, the Board of Directors is responsible to the stockholders to the ultimate result of EPS (earnings per share).  Yet, a democracy is responsible to the total electorate to provide services for the protection and welfare of the People and the Commons.  How can you provide for the welfare of the People if you don’t also protect the Commons?  And so, a democracy is not a profit driven venture.  Our government and country are not for profit; they are for people. The top down governance plan of a corporation is neither democratic nor to benefit the public.  So when GWB stated in 2000 that he was the “CEO President,” I should have known then that the corporations had taken over our country, lock, stock, and barrel. 

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