Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Have No Seeker to Close the Crack in the Earth

I am a fan of a TV series called, The Legend of the Seeker.  One of the major themes in the series is that the Seeker has to close a crack in the Earth from which the Keeper (the master of the underworld) is sending up creatures of death to destroy mankind.   

The petroleum catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico reminds me of the rift from which the baylings spew forth on the TV series.  The Seeker’s evil brother, Darken Rahl, hungry for power and in league with the Keeper, seeks to outwit the Seeker and unleash the End of the World.  To me Darken Rahl represents the petroleum companies.  The Sisters of the Dark remind me of the Republicans, and the equally devious Sisters of the Light remind me of the Democrats.  The series is rife with power hungry double dealers and intrigue; you never know whom to trust.   

Unfortunately, today’s world has no honest Seeker accompanied by a Wizard and a Mother Confessor to close the rift.  There is no hero that’s gonna pull us out of this one.  The oil companies have let the genie out of the bottle and all life on Earth will pay the price.  A total ban on offshore drilling is overdue.  Call your members of Congress and tell them to BAN OFF SHORE DRILLING! 


  1. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Well, now that Legend of the Seeker has been canceled we really have no Seeker to close the crack in the earth. Sad.

  2. Now Kevin Costner can be our seeker and the centrifuges can be the Swords of Truth.