Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Liberation in Buddhism

In Buddhism, there is nothing to depend on.  There is no force outside that will give us salvation.  There is nothing permanent that we can always count on.  Some say we can only depend upon ourselves.  Others say that even our selves are not dependable.  That leaves us with nothing permanent in which to set anchor. 

Many people have a high value for Hope.  In fact, the last 2 presidents used Hope as their campaign platform.  The proselytizing Christians bring Hope for Salvation to people of color with a blonde, blue-eyed God man while exploiting these same people for natural resources and cheap labor.  Hope in Buddhism is defined as Delusion.  Delusion believes, for example, that something is nothing, and that nothing is something.  Delusion is a form of ignorance, which is the root of all becoming (making Karma). 
Buddhism Dictionary on Delusion (Ignorance):
"Delusion refers to belief in something that contradicts reality.  In Buddhism, delusion is ... a lack of awareness of the true nature or Buddha nature of things, or of the true meaning of existence. "

In the same way, every thing (karma, n.) only has the meaning that we ascribe to it.  There is nothing to hang on to.  Its a true wonder how much of our existence is constructed on beliefs.  And how so many of our beliefs are founded upon nothing more than morés. 

The facts that there is nothing permanent to hold on to, or that things have no intrinsic meaning other than what we ascribe to them, or that our own self may be completely void of anything substantially permanent beyond a force of becoming, is not depressing, but good news!  "Freedom's just another word for 'nothin' left to lose, but nothin' ain't worth nothin,' but its freeeeee." 

It is here when we realize the joy of putting down the Wheel of Karma, and just terminate the becoming force (bhavanga).  Making no more Karma doesn't mean dead or nihilist.  It is a state of Grace in which the right thing occurs without the Ego craving or clinging.  Such a state of Grace is full of joy and energy.  Quite the opposite of depressing.

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