Thursday, October 08, 2009

Response to Kucinich re renewing the authorization for war in Iraq

Honorable Representative Kucinich,

You asked for my comments regarding your 2002 opposition to the authorization for war in Iraq and the current issue of renewing it.

Since both houses of Congress on both sides of the aisle have been collaborating with the war profiteers against the best interests of the American people, Democracy in America is nothing more than a myth, a ruse to keep the public satisfied.  There is barely a handful of honest Congressmen who look look out for the Common Good.  They are overruled by the overwhelming opposition of Democrat and Republican sellouts who have ascended into office.  At this point in history, the war profiteers are calling the shots. 

I recall 1984 when the CIA was mining the harbors of Nicaragua.  It was in the alternative press for months before a British ship was struck and became an international incident.  Even though a committee of Congress had approved the illegal mines, even though Russian and Panamanian ships struck mines earlier and was denied in the US press, even though the Prime Minister of Nicaragua had formally appealed to the US government against the mines, Congress all pretended to be surprised once the British ship was struck.  They all claimed they knew nothing about it.  I call that the "pretend game." 

Today, Congress on both sides of the aisle continue to play the pretend game when they authorize more funds for a war that now obviously was initiated on false premises.  The war profiteers have them in their pockets.  And if they aren't being paid off, then they are probably being threatened.  It is a sad state of affairs. 

As long as the government divides the people with fear and race baiting, the opponents of war will never unite and become the overwhelming majority that they are.  There is barely an honest face in Congress.  The American people have been sold out. 

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